October 30, 2016


FibaFit™ Functional Fibre Powder is a new pectin rich nutritional ingredient with exceptional flavonoid content. It combines the benefits of enhanced digestive health and weight management with the protective power of key flavonoid compounds. The product from 5 cultivars of New Zealand grown apples.

As a result of being grown in New Zealand, the apple yields much higher levels of beneficial compounds; including chemoprotective and antioxidant flavonoids.

FibaFit™ Functional Fibre Powder is an excellent source of dietary fibre, which reduces hunger and increases satiety for longer, and this all helps assist with weight management.

The focus of this research is on the bioflavonoid and dietary fibre content from apple skin, seed and pomace, which is not generally found in apple juice.

The bioflavonoid content of New Zealand grown apples is regarded as the highest in world – This elevated level of bioflavonoid is a defensive plant response to UV-B light intensity.

Data also suggests that flavonoid content from apples is more bioavailable than similar bioflavonoid content from other fruits and vegetables, which potentially makes apple based fibre more beneficial to human health.


These benefits include;

  • Cardiovascular and lipid profiles, reduction in systolic BP
  • Diabetes; modulation of postprandial blood glucose and insulin response.
  • Satiety improvements for weight management
  • Chemprotective effects from environmental xenotoxins known to cause cellular dysplasia; in particular the protection of lung tissue.
  • Normalization of Bowel Motility

The benefits of FibaFit™ Functional Fibre are based on research presented by Cornell University, Ithaca, New York in 2004.


Patented Extraction of Fibre and Flavonoid

FibaFit patented Counter Current Extraction

FibaFit™ Functional Fibre is manufactured in New Zealand from New Zealand raw material using a proprietary manufacturing process.

  • The patented processing technology of Counter Current Extraction (CCE) diffuses soluble solids from the apple being processed.
  • The central technical objectives of the process have been proven to show an increased yield, as well as an improved nutritional profile and overall quality of the FibaFit™ Functional Fibre with extraordinary levels of flavonoid content.
  • The diffused solids including dietary fibre, are captured and retained.   They reflect the same characteristics and bioactive ratios as found in the raw product.
  • The process ensures that biological co-factors are retained in the FibaFit™ Functional Fibre to ensure efficient absorption and improved bioavailability.